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The Process

Understanding the Self-publishing Process

The three components of the self-publishing process are editorial, production, and printing.


Simply put, the editorial process encompasses all activities pertaining to the writing of your book.

At Vision Book Producers, we do as much—or as little—as each job requires. Some authors submit manuscripts needing nothing more than light line editing to safeguard against spelling, punctuation, grammatical, and continuity errors. Other authors, especially those who often speak to live audiences, often prefer to provide their messages on CD or audiotape, which we use as the basis for ghostwriting their manuscript.

The editorial process can take anywhere from a few days to several months, depending on the scope of the job. Whatever the situation, our editors always endeavor to see that your message is expressed effectively while maintaining your personal style.


The term production refers to the creative and design process that takes place in preparation for the printing of a book. This process includes the development of your book’s creative concept, cover design, interior design and pagination (page layout), and preparation of electronic and hard proofs. Upon completion of the production process, our designer works directly with the printer to submit your approved job files in the precise format required by the printer.

The production process for a text-only book takes about thirty days, depending on our existing assignments at the time project is submitted.


Once the production of a book is complete, we are then able to provide the printer with the specifications (dimensions, number of pages, proposed cover treatments, paper selection, and quantity) so that the estimator can prepare a price quotation for your approval. Your book will be printed on quality paper and cover stock and will have durable and dependable binding.

The printing process usually takes two to three weeks, depending on the printer’s work schedule at the time a project is submitted.

Pricing and Projections

We are often asked, “How much does it cost to produce a book?” The formula for determining the cost to produce a book is the same as the one used for establishing the price of a car: it depends on what you want.

In the case of producing a book, factors such as the number of finished pages, the amount of editorial work required, the use of photos or images within the content, the choice of paper, the application of cover treatments such as embossing and special finishes, and the quantity of books printed must first be determined in order to establish the final cost of a job.

Following are an actual cost analysis and an income-projection from one of our average-priced text-only book projects (based on a 50,000-word manuscript). The book now retails for $15.95.

Cost Analysis

Production Fees

Vision Book Producers Basic Author’s Package: $3,995.00

Includes creative concept, front and back cover design, back cover sales copy, interior design and pagination, electronic proofs, and transmittal of files to printer.

Sample Book Production

Printing and Shipping Charges

Number of finished pages:234
Finish size:5.5" x 8.5"
Cover stock:10-point, C1S (coated one side)
Text stock:60# offset
Finish:Matte lamination; no additional treatments
Cost per book:$3.32 (x 1,000 books = $3,320.00)
Total Printing and Shipping:$3,515.00
Total editorial, production, and printing:$7,510.00

Income Projection

Total investment:$7,510.00
To break even (471 books sold at $15.95 ea.)$7,512.45
Potential profit (529 books sold at $15.95 ea.)$8,437.55

Cover Samples